Nokia Maps

The brand Here, from 2007-2011 was known as Ovi Maps then in 2011 came under the Nokia banner. It provides Nokia’s users with information pertaining to location assets and mapping services all in one place. No matter which device a user is using they can easily access Here, since everything is based on the cloud […]

Map Quest

AOL is responsible for providing this online American mapping service free of charge. The company has been around since 1967 although initially it functioned under the name of Cartographic Services. Based in Chicago, Illinois, as one of the departments of R.R. Donnelley and Sons, it remained there till 1969 when it was shifted to Lancaster […]

Bing Maps

When the global giant Microsoft renamed its search engine ‘Bing’ in 2009, it made sure that the range of services that users would have at their disposal with mapping being one of them, would remain the same or even improve in terms of quality. Although this service had been available since Microsoft’s first foray into […]

Apple Maps

Thanks to the Mayan prophecy of apocalypse that would wipe our beloved planet forever, December 2012 was probably the most awaited month during the year. Finally when it did arrive, the world managed to survive the prediction of an ancient civilization but for many individuals and organizations it spelled a catastrophe in the figurative sense. […]

Google Maps

Google Maps refers to a net based mapping service application as well as technology or know how that is being provided through Google, that controls many services  that are map – based, and also includes the Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, Google Maps website, and also maps entrenched on intermediary websites by means of Google […]