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Batch Geocoding Software

Batch geocoding is the process of retrieving geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) from street addresses in bulk. These geocodes are used in building online maps. Batch geocoding software make it easier to geocode a larger number of addresses for very large maps.

GIS map systems Google, Yahoo and Bing maps are the industry leaders who allow anyone to build a map for free. The geocodes obtained in bulk can be imported into these systems and be used to locate the points on an online map.

There are many batch geocoding software and web-based geocoding programs available in the market. They generally require the user to upload a file with address data to the server, once the user instructs the program to run it converts all the address data to the required geographic coordinates, also called geocodes. Some of these programs are also capable of performing batch reverse geocoding, which takes the geocoded from a GIS and converts them to a street addresses.

A list of various available softwares is given below. This list is by no means complete and there are always new providers entering the growing market
  1. USC WebGIS Geocoder
  3. Yahoo
  4. Google
At you can batch geocode unlimited number of addresses here. Once you upload a file with the address data, we process the file, append latitude, longitude and accuracy details and give you back the updated file. For the batch geocoding process, you can choose accuracy level that you require from the following: City ,Zip, Street, Address and Building.